What is an M3U8 Player?

An M3U8 player is designed to handle M3U8 file formats, which contain multimedia playlists, typically pointing to online streams. This HLS player fetches the video specified in the M3U8 file and plays it directly in your browser. To get started:

  1. Paste an M3U8 URL into the input box above (skip if pre-filled);
  2. Click the "Play" button.

What is an HLS Player?

An HLS player supports HTTP Live Streaming, a media streaming protocol by Apple Inc. It operates by breaking the overall stream into small file downloads, each containing a short segment of the continuous stream.

HLS streams are commonly defined using M3U8 playlists.

Browser Compatibility

Most desktop and mobile browsers are supported for M3U8 and HLS playback. Ensure CORS is enabled on the streaming server for proper functionality.